Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Invitation to peace

Prompt for poets United: Peace

Invitation to peace

Lay down in the long tall grass
in the dimness of dawn
Watch your thoughts
Watch your inner self
afraid of scarcity
Watch your need
for control 
Watch and let go
Let go of expectations
Let go of limitations
Let go of attachment
Let nothing owe you
Just be

Lay down in the long tall grass
in the dimness of dawn
Watch the sun rise
See, it playfully paints the earth
Feel it warms the wondrous world
Scattering its dazzling rays freely
on the banker and the homeless man
on the Christian and the Muslim
The sun is sapient
as it shines on everyone
as it knows no borders
as it is and let things
just be

Lay down in the long tall grass
in the dimness of dawn
watch the sky turn into chaos
The sun doesn’t compete with it
but will tenderly perch
through the dark veil
to reach you
to guide you
to inner peace
shining on this untamed place
it invites you to pass it like a torch
to show how to
just be

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Our journey


Our journey

Take life with all its messiness
is it a mirror of the traffic in my mind?
Is my friend the mirror who reflects that
traffic, her narrative different

We travel on the same train
Maybe stopping in different stations
looking at barren landscapes
going to and fro, to and fro.

We understand the scenery so well
Dark clouds above old sheds with roofs
of corrugated iron in parched fields
not knowing if there ever will be a harvest

We flirt with the thought of being
on a different track, travelling along rich
golden meadows and red ripened fruit,
The images vanishing on the horizon

We sight, we stay on this journey
as  a guide for loved ones, not ready
for a transfer. Many have left in
disdain, we stubbornly sustain.

We don’t keep up with the
speed of our enfolding life
we sit in a silent space in a corner,
enjoying a quiche and a cappuccino

Meanwhile the blue, yellows and
reds pour through the window
and with wistful gentleness
we hug and continue our journey

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Frozen memories

Prompt Memories for Poets United

Frozen memories

In the evening of his life
he visited a shadow from his past
hoping to unveil a dream

He looked at her captivating
smile and silver hair, draped
in soft waves over her forehead

Why did you marry the other,
who has left you with nothing?
I would have given dozens of diamonds

“I have my own gems” she smiled
She opened her shoebox
Picking up some frozen memories

“Look at this one.
We sat by the crackling fire
and laid down as the darkness
enveloped us. The stars decorated
the sky, training us in the art of
shining. We drank in the
magnificence of the Milky Way,
our hearts drifting down the galaxy.”

“Oh, look at that one.
We were snug under soft sheets
breathing life into stories
listening to the thud of the thunder
following the veins of the lightning bolt
The sky did clear as
the storm lost its ugly face
We since loved the song of the rain”

Her eyes sparkled, as she looked up
The poor man had walked out
while she cherished her riches

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tell me about respect

Prompt respect for Poets United

I struggled a bit with this one but I managed to squeeze out a poem :)

Tell me about respect 

I took him to the attic of human virtues
In a dark corner, we dusted off some,
touched some. Than with glistening eyes
I softly cradled in the cup of my hand
the most dazzling of all…Respect

His eyes widened, looking puzzled
I picked up a mosaic sculpture
Look, there is a dark rough piece,
a petite pretty piece, a psychedelic
piece and a wicked wondrous piece

They are all valuable and fit in
the scheme of this stunning art
It’s the same with people
honour each one of them as
all have a place in the universe

Know that each soul
has a different purpose
some soften you with love,
some seep hope into your heart
some build on brokenness

Know that each soul
is in a different formative stage
one is like a caterpillar and the next
one sleeps in a cocoon of sorrow
one evolved into a blissful butterfly

If you soar the sky as a butterfly,
don’t look down 
on the caterpillar
you once were. Wouldn't it be
gold, to t
enderly land on its leaf 
and acknowledge each other 

We all matter, wouldn't it be
a jewel, to ignore what divides us,
to find commonalities and connect.
Hold up your hands my friend

I pour in it my dazzling respect

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I am nature

Poets United  Prompt: Nature: her words

I am nature

I am nature
I am an artist and design
delicate patterns of petals
With my pallet of shades
of lavender, scarlet, blue
I paint the earth, for you
I am a gift of beauty

I am nature
I am a cathedral mountain
With a lake at my feet
that oozes turquoise
Mirroring my snow caps
dotted with sparkles
spilled by the sun

I am nature
I am the wind I exhale
I am the seed that travels
on my breath to become
a tree, a shrub, a flower
I am a sage, who’s wisdom
is the ceaseless wind

I am nature
I am a fierce lion
I am a grand elephant
our silhouettes are fading
our habitats are gone
we are taken by a gun
only silence living on

I am nature
I am a gift of life
I am the elixir of oxygen
sucked from the ocean
as temperatures rise
sucked from the air
as trees disappear

I am nature
I howl into the woods
The echo of the wilderness
reminds me of when
we lived in harmony,
and you were nourished
by my sanctuary

I am nature
once you were part of me
Dream back the trees
Dream back the animals
Abandon your emptiness
and fill it with purpose
of being alive, of life

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Love potion

Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the flash fiction and to Yarnspinnerr for the photo


He was told that 11 pots are a must. It had taken him 6 months to collect all the ingredients for the potion. 

Today was the day. The wind was right and it was 15 minutes to go before she would come out of her house. He adored the beautiful Sheila, but he was poor and she was from a rich family and would never ever date him. 

An old wise man told him however that with the love potion he could make her love him. He had some wood collected to build a little fire under the pots. The smoke would go her way when she would come from the house. He would have to take the middle pot in his hands and magic would happen. 

He turned on the fire underneath the last pots 
as suddenly his friend appeared next to him. “Need a hand” while picking up the middle pot. He stood there with his mouth open as Sheila walked straight into his friend’s arms.

168 words